How does it work?

SelfgrowTMis powered by MediumXTM, a growth medium consisting of a nanomatrix, a 3D net that can hold water and nutrients for long periods. Comprising 99% water and nutrients, MediumXTM is the ultimate soil-replcement and contains everything a plant needs to thrive. The plant itself stays in optimum condition taking only what is needs from MediumXTM, when it needs it, and is not subject to damage from over- or under-watering or feeding.

SelfgrowTM independent plants only need to be watered once or twice a year. This is a dramatic reduction of 95% fewer waterings and 50% less water used, when compared to plants grown in regular soil that require watering once or twice a week.

MediumXTM has performed outstandingly on site for pilot clients in hotels, offices and airports. 100% of pilot participants surveyed said they would be likely to switch to SelfgrowTM plants after the pilot period.

The benefits of Selfgrow™

SelfgrowTM complete plant solutions are superior to traditional soil-based indoor plants. Here’s why:

Plant thrives

Water and nutrients available
on demand

Cover prevents evaporation

No tray and no leaks


Find out how Selfgrow™ independent plants can
transform your space