Selfgrow plants are exactly the same as any other plant. The difference is MediumX and the customised Selfgrow pot. When plants are grown in MediumX they thrive, as the growth medium provides everything the plants need. MediumX is made up of 98% water and nutrients held in a nanomatrix, a 3D net, that stores them until they are required.

The customised Selfgrow pot is also especially designed to reduce evaporation and protect the plant and the growth medium. The combination of all these elements result in Selfgrow plants only needing to be watered once or twice a year.

The plants are the same, everything else is different.

Selfgrow plants are independent as they don’t need to rely on people as much as soil-based plants to maintain their condition. Selfgrow plants simply take the water and nutrients they need from our patented growth medium, MediumX. They are not subject to over or underwatering or being over or under fed with nutrients.

While hydroponics and hydroculture have been around for a long time, Selfgrow’s MediumX is a completely new innovation. It is a comletely new growth medium – a kind of programmable soil – made up of a nanomatrix that hold nurtrients and water for long periods. With Selfgrow there is no system, and especially no standing water (as in hydrponics), no lava rocks and no drippers.

After a lot of research and development we have figured out the best plants that thrive in MediumX, are easy to take care of and look great. The list includes many popular indoor plants, including different types of palm, and tropical Zamias. Contact us for more details about the right plants for your space.

The plants are in 100 litre pots, which means they can be pretty large e.g 1.5-3m tall, depending on the plant type. They are suitable for offices, hotels, malls, town halls, aquariums… Anywhere where indoor greenery is needed. However, they will not fit on your windowsill.

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