People Talking in Architects Office

S-Molcho Archictects

Tel Aviv
Asaf Molcho, CEO
“"Making it this easy to add plants to work spaces will revolutionise the interior design industry"”

When SelfgrowTM innovative plant solutions’ parent company, Tomgrow, first arrived in the inudstrial unit where they are now located, everyone was intrigued. What was that pink light coming from under the door at night? Why were there so many plants in the office? Tomgrow’s neighbours at S-Molcho, an architect’s office, were particularly fascinated. Interior design is their industry and they wanted to understand the product first hand and they were amazed to be shown a plant that only needs watering once or twice a year.

As a result, the SelfgrowTM complete plant solutions team installed a Philodendron Imperial in the centre of the architects’ office. It has been a wonderful addition which has given the staff much pleasure, especially on the day its big red flower began to bloom. The plant gives a natural feel to the beautifully designed office interior. It also works as a natural divider and creates some privacy in the open plan office.


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