Ramon Airport

Ramon Airport

Dani Tuval, Former General Manager
“SelfgrowTM plants are the perfect solution for airports where access is limited for security reasons.”

The new Ramon airport in Eilat, located in the South of Israel, opened in January 2019. It is situated in the desert, 18km north of Eilat, and is a modern design with glass panels that let in a lot of light. Because of security considerations, access is limited, especially to the waiting area by the gates.

In January 2020 the SelfgrowTM innovative plant solutions team approached the airport management team to see if they would be interested in running a pilot of SelfgrowTM plants in the check-in and gate area.

The team were excited to hear about the product as the low level of maintenance – just one or two waterings per year – is really suited to an airport where access to external staff is limited. Today they are very happy with the ten Chamaedorea Seifrizii and Rhapis Palms that continue to offer a calming element to the busy concourse.

An added bonus is that all the plants easily survived the corona virus period and have only been watered twice over a period of a year, despite their exposure to plenty of direct sunlight.

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