Haifa Chemicals Office with Plants

Haifa Group

Tel Aviv
Motti Levin, CEO
“We are very satisfied with the SelfgrowTM team's professionalism, their level of customer care and their amazing everlasting plants”

Haifa Group is a leading global supplier of plant nutrients and potassium nitrate for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Growing things is key to the company’s business, symbolised by the green leaf pattern on their logo.

CEO Motti Levine was keen to capitalize on the opening of Haifa Group’s new Tel Aviv offices, whose design features vibrant green wall panels and leaf illustrations, to add plenty of live plants. Cue SelfgrowTM innovative plant solutions and our onsite pilot program. In January 2020 the SelfgrowTM team installed fifteen independent plants in the company’s elevator lobby, reception area, corridors, and meeting rooms. The plants chosen were a mix of the tropical Zamia plant and the Rhapis Palm, a native of South East Asia.

The greenery has really lifted the space and improved the sense of wellbeing of staff. The palms thrive even in low light conditions, for example in the company’s board room (pictured below). The staff is astounded that their SelfgrowTM plants have only needed to be watered twice so far. They love how simple and easy it is to bring nature into their offices.

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