Our vision

Our vision is to create a revolution in the way plants are grown globally. In the future we believe most indoor plants will be grown in our patented growth medium, MediumXTM. As a result there will be 50% more indoor plants in offices, hotels and public spaces around the world.

MediumXTM powers SelfgrowTM complete plant solutions and effectively takes the guesswork out of plantcare. It frees plants from their reliance on people and instead allows the plants to take in water and nutrients on demand, sustaining them in optimum condition.

All without any complicated pumps, drippers or excessive maintenance programs. Now you can enjoy lush indoor foliage without the hassle. Lower stress levels, increased productivity and cleaner air are just some of the countless benefits you can enjoy adding more plants to your indoor spaces.

It’s time to say bye-bye to needy, high-maintenance traditional plants and hello to SelfgrowTM complete plant solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add 50% more plants to offices, hotels and indoor spaces globally


The seeds of SelfgrowTM innovative plant solutions were sown in 2017, when the idea of a self-sustaining plant was born. Now we are a commercial company supplying independent plants to hotels, offices, airports and other businesses and institutions.

SelfgrowTM all-in-one plant solutions’ parent company, TomGrow, has gathered a highly experienced team bringing together the expertise and creativity of scientists, agronomists, venture capitalists, business development specialists and marketeers. The company raised a million dollars in it’s seed funding round.

Why Selfgrow™ innovative plant solutions are out of this world

The Team

Selfgrow team
Mia Serra

Rotem Brakin   / CEO

Rotem is fascinated by the plant world and the huge potential for innovation to make an impact in this sector. He is keen to find out what else can be achieved that is considered impossible with SelfgrowTM complete plant solutions’ growth medium,  MediumXTM. Rotem is a driven individual whose catchphrase is “if the door is closed, go through the window”.

Rotem has a BA in Economics and Management. His work at Delek Benelux and setting up the FinTech division at the Israeli Export Institute gave him an excellent grounding in operations, business development and start-ups. When he is not immersed in every element of SelfgrowTM parent company Tomgrow he likes to spend time with his wife and toddler or drive the desert buggy he built with his father.

Ofek Green

Ofek Green   / Principal Agronomist

Green by name and green by nature, Ofek has a Masters degree in Soil and Water Science and has conducted extensive research into soil chemistry and drip irrigation systems. He is fascinated by Selfgrow™ complete plant solutions’ mission to develop the perfect growth medium for different plants’ needs.

Ofek loves to cook and is parent company Tomgrow’s resident barbeque chef. When he is not carefully monitoring the experiments at Tomgrow’s verdant R&D facility he likes to hike in the desert (where there are very few plants) and spend time with his family on the kibbutz where he grew up.

Beeri Kanner

Beeri Kanner   / Agronomist

Beeri enjoys working with both his head and his hands, so working with Selfgrow™ innovative plant solutions provides the perfect balance for him. He has a Masters degree in Soil and Water Science and is excited about the potential of his work to influence the future of urban agriculture.

Beeri loves playing the piano, travelling and spending time with family. His love of plants began as a child, on the kibbutz in Northern Israel where he grew up.

Ariel Halperin

Ariel Halperin   / Co-founder

Ariel Halperin PhD has been Senior Managing Partner of Tene Investment Funds, a leading private equity firm in Israel, since 2005. He oversaw the Kibbutz Creditors Arrangement – the most complex financial restructuring process in the history of Israel – as trustee for the Israeli government, banks, and kibbutzim.

Ariel holds a PhD in Economics from the Hebrew University and completed postdoctoral work at MIT in Industrial Organization and Finance. When he’s not working he enjoys trying out gourmet restaurants and sampling fine wine.

Shmulik Balmas

Ran Ben-Or   / Co-founder

Ran Ben-Or is a Managing Partner at Tene Investment Funds. He is an expert in company valuations and M&A transactions. In the late 1990s he worked with Dr. Halperin on the Kibbutz Creditors Arrangement.

Ran holds both a BSc in Computer Science & Accounting and an MBA from the Hebrew University. He is a street food fan and always knows where to find the best shawarma.

Shmulik Balmas

Gideon Brakin   / Co-founder

Gideon was born and raised on a kibbutz in the north of Israel. He had a hands-on agricultural education, working in the cotton fields from an early age. As an adult he moved to the city but missed being close to nature, so he decided to be a landscape gardener.

Completely self-taught, Gideon, and his company Tamar Landscape Design, are now considered one of Israel’s top landscape gardening developers, with clients such as luxury hotels Cramim and Bereshit. When he is not popping into the TomGrow office for meetings he loves to drive around the country checking on clients and sampling fine wines at local vineyards.

Selfgrow team

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