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Finally, plants that take care of themselves

SelfgrowTM independent plants were born of the experiences of Tomgrow’s co-founder and long-time landscape gardener, Gideon Brakin. After many years of supplying and maintaining indoor plants he decided it was time to re-invent soil.

After two years of searching for a solution, Tomgrow’s team of agronomists and scientists developed MediumXTM, a growth medium that can hold water and nutrients for long periods and release them to the plant on demand.


The plants are the same.
Everything else is different.

Now it’s easy to bring nature inside with SelfgrowTM —the Independent Plant.

Everybody loves Indoor plants

These days people spend around 90% of their time indoors, where pollution levels can be two to five times higher than outdoors. Plants have been proven to purify the air and increase a sense of wellbeing, yet many people still live and work in spaces devoid of natural greenery.

SelfgrowTM independent plants are the innovative answer to the question of how to bring more nature indoors. SelfgrowTM plants only need to be watered once or twice a year, a dramatic reduction when compared to regular plants that need watering once or twice a week.

But indoor plants can
be needy:

Regular plants require frequent watering which is costly and time consuming.
Frequent watering often requires external staff to enter the building on a regular basis.
Leakage from plant trays or irrigation drippers can cause costly damage to interiors.
Many plants die and are simply replaced due to over or under-watering – the plants never actually thrive.
Standing water in plant trays and pots attracts bacteria, mold and insects.
What we do

Independent plants
vs. needy plants

With SelfgrowTM independent plants everything is taken care of.

Switching to SelfgrowTM results in approximately 95% fewer waterings, and 50% less water used, when compared to regular, “needy” soil-based plants.

Unlike hydroponic or drip irrigation systems, with SelfgrowTM there is no system. The plants flourish and bring with them life-enhancing benefits. They can be maintained in optimum condition for long periods as they only take in the water and nutrients they need.

Cost effective
water saving
No pipes or cables

Case Studies

“SelfgrowTM plants were exactly what we were looking for. We look forward to adding more in the future.”
The SelfgrowTM team installed seven Zamia and Rhapis Palms in the lobby and stairwell at Sea Hotel. The plants have been thriving since their installation in January 2020, despite very low light conditions, and the management team couldn’t be happier.
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